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Celebrating our Justice House Meetings!

Our team leaders have generated a successful inaugural listening process in the Capital Area Justice Ministry! Among our 19 committed congregations, they have hosted 45 house meetings and engaged nearly 300 network members to share their experiences in the community, forge new relationships, and strengthen old ones. Through these house meetings, we are creating a Beloved Community in the Tallahassee area; and we expect nearly 10 more house meetings to take place over the next several days.

Next, all our congregations will come together to share stories from our house meetings and narrow down the pool of problem areas. We look forward to the justice ministry team leaders and clergy gathering at our first in-person assembly, held outdoors, with masks strongly encouraged:

Team Leaders' Assembly

Tuesday, October 19th @ 5:45 PM

Old West Florida Enrichment Center

2344 Lake Bradford Drive

We will focus on building relationships with one another, reporting on our house meetings, and narrowing down the slate of problem areas.

After that, we will bring our network members together at their first CAJM assembly to choose the two problem areas we will tackle in our first year and elect our executive board.

House Meeting Assembly

Wednesday, November 3rd @ 6:00 PM

(location TBD ASAP)

See our 2021-2022 Assemblies List for dates and descriptions of our upcoming events and a flyer for the upcoming DART training that will prepare us to research the problem areas we vote-in at the House Meeting Assembly.


Seeking justice,

Leah W. Wiley, Lead Organizer


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