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Gun Violence Interruption

  • To address the problem of gun violence, CAJM pressed the city commission to invest $1-million dollars per year over the next five years into a proven national gun violence interruption program.  

  • We are at the end of the first year and during this time, the city began to negotiate a contract with the Group Violence Intervention(GVI) program, a national evidence- based framework for reducing gun violence.  The contract was not finalized because TPD said they did not have the resources to commit to the work outlined in the contract.  When this was revealed, the city commission voted to give the money ($300k over two years) that was going to go to GVI to the Commission on the Status of Men and Boys. For updates, go to Events. See PDF for background on this topic.

Affordable Housing

  • CAJM’s Affordable Housing Committee has been busy since the Nehemiah Action of 2023, holding meetings with city and county elected officials and Blueprint staff, and strategizing in order to capitalize on the momentum from the 2023 Nehemiah Action to find one or more avenues to fund affordable rental housing for very and extremely low-income families. Here is the story of our efforts in late 2022: For updates, go to Events. See PDF for background on this topic.

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