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Get Ready for the Big Assembly!

Congregations from across Tallahassee gathered on October 19 with a turnout of 68 for our first in-person gathering of clergy and teams! The night was one of unity and strategy for our communities—as you can see in this photo gallery. House leaders represented the views they heard at the house meetings, shared members’ stories, and voted-in a preliminary slate: affordable housing, gun violence, healthcare/mental health, and education.

On November 3rd, congregations will cast votes to select CAJM’s two problem areas for the year. They will also officially form the Capital Area Justice Ministry in a covenant ceremony, and elect the first executive board! That night, congregations will also be asked to share how many people from their group will attend the Research Kick-off on Tuesday, December 7th at 6:00 PM, where we form committees around the two prevailing issue areas. Clergy, team leaders, and network members are welcome to serve on research committees.


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