Upcoming Events

  • CAJM House Meeting Network Assembly
    Wed, Nov 03
    Old West Florida Enrichment
    Congregations publicly and formally covenant to do justice together, elect officers, and vote to select the organization’s top two issues! This is the first public gathering of network members.
  • Research to Action: Research Kick-Off
    Tue, Dec 07
    Location is TBD
    This is the night where we form our research committees made up of clergy, team leaders, and network members.
  • Research to Action: Teams Assembly
    Tue, Feb 22
    Location is TBD
    Team leaders and clergy come together to hear the research findings and to plan the Pep Rally and Nehemiah Action.
  • Research to Action: Pep Rally
    Thu, Mar 17
    Location is TBD
    The Pep Rally trains ground for clergy, team leaders, and network members on how we engage with officials at the Action. Research teams present the Ask for our public officials.
  • Nehemiah Action 2022
    Tue, Apr 05
    Location is TBD
    Clergy, team leaders, and network members bring 3 others with them to present our research and get clear commitments on concrete steps for solving serious community problems.
  • Justice Ministry Celebration
    Tue, May 17
    Location is TBD
    To close out the justice ministry year, clergy, team leaders, and network members celebrate issue victories and get the opportunity to make their financial investment into CAJM. This encourages us as we look to the work ahead.
  • Investment Drive: Teams Assembly
    Tue, Jun 21
    Location is TBD
    Clergy and team leaders gather to wrap up the investment drive and prepare for the upcoming listening campaign.

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